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Roberto, Milan, Italy: "I paid for the painting in the Gallery-2000 on December 31, and I was afraid that the parcel will arrive late birthday. January 7, I received the package with the picture. That's fine. This is the best gift for my brother. He loves paintings by Francois Mathieu more than anything else!"

Mrs. Hill, NY, NY: "FIVE STARS - we are very pleased with this painting and it is now in our home gallery. It was much admired by visitors over the Christmas and New Year."

Diana Parker, Miami: "Fantastical paintings of Toros are wonderfully beautiful when viewed from a short distance. This is the best purchase of my husband for the last few years!"

Oliver Meredith, UK: "Paintings by Omar Chkhaidze are delicious! The only thing I regret that I did not buy his paintings many years ago, when they were cheaper, much cheaper..."

Mark I. Brown, Maine: "I was looking for something original pieces of art for my new home when I came across Gallery-2000. I never saw so much beautiful paintings and very funny watercolors! I love all of them! Also gallery is easy to navigate."

Alice C., Portland: "I have ordered several paintings from Gallery-2000 and these are the best! I'm no art expert so I can't comment like art-critic, but my paintings are very beautiful for me!"

Pol Turner, UK: "I was on one of first exhibition of Francois Mathieu in Paris.... It's pity I can't buy all paintings of this master now..."

Mrs. Murray, NY: "I have received watercolor I ordered in excellent condition, and I was impressed with frame and mat which gallery chose for this."

Brett Olevsen, SF: "My purchasing experience was excellent. I searched for paintings of Oezbeek for a long time! It's really gallery of rare fine art."

Tammy S, WI: "I was very pleased at how serious update of art they have. That tells me they care about their customers."

Cynthia, NY: "No surprises - these paintings are very expensive... But my painting is better than I expected in fact. It's masterpiece, it's perfectly, excellent!"

Charles L. Brown. London: "I would purchase one fine English watercolors else . May be I will be lucky in the future. This transaction went through easily."

Martha, Art deco, Spain: "We would do business with Gallery-2000 again without hesitation. We have found the worthy partner. Of course, our favourite is artist Sachs Arthur."

Rick A M. AR: “Nice surprises - paintings were better what I expected! I risked buying expensive paintings through Net. My risk has been justified.”

Rose & William Brandon. IL: "Simply divine pieces of art! Would highly recommend».

Doctor M. York: "Gallery-2000 is the expert in contemporary art. I think so."

Ron.W., AR: "I have purchased from Gallery-2000 twice and both times received excellent Art and excellent service. I find their pieces of art wonderful."

David, CA: "Excellent fine art, contacte and delivery time. Thank you."

Jonathan E. W. NY: "No surprises - my oil paintings were just what I expected, better, in fact. They were well-packaged. - Thanks a lot!"

Brenda, WA: "I found your art mall a couple of months ago. It is easy way look at and buy this belle art just now!"

Tina Fox, Canada: "I appreciate your business. Wonderful seller of beautiful art. I come back soon again! "

Ordean Johnson, USA: "I am submitting this feedback in response to the series of paintings I purchased. The paintings were superb to say the least, the communications with the staff was both a delight and outstanding. I will definitely look forward to purchasing other paintings in the future. Thank you."

Dave Griffin, FL: "I would purchase pieces of art from Russia again. The transaction and shipment went through easily."

Kristi Smith, CT: "The paintings really are as beautiful as the pictures appear on the website! Very pleased with my purchases! My order was filled quickly and accurately. Many thanks!"

Margaret, England: "Great Art - great service. I would do business with Gallery-2000 again without hesitation"

Nick Briard, France: "Once again, many thanks for your perfect service. I am very pleased with dialogue with your gallery. Fine paintings!"

Mr.Antonio Pelletier. FL USA: "When I see new paintings I want to buy all! I am a collector and I pick up news about new worthy of special attention fine art. Gallery-2000 is very worthy and dependable art marketplace."

Sue Norman, Quebec, Canada: "My first buying was oil painting for gift. This art is of such good quality and Kira was so helpful, and that I just keep checking to see if one of them has the item when I plan to buy something"

Leo Moran NY, USA: "I just found this website a couple of weeks ago. What a fantastic way to shop for all these wonderful items!"

Mark A Hensley, Monroe, USA: "The art pieces I have ordered from Gallery-2000 are great works of art. Don't be afraid to place an order online, it is safe and you can count on getting what you paid for!"

Jim Crane. MI: "We' ve really appreciated the great collection of original art of Gallery-2000. Good service. Fast delivery. Thanks!"

Kim Lee. Ontario, Canada: "I like coming from time to time - It's so beautiful pieces of art and friendly conversation."

Johnny Campbell, Michigan USA: "It is very nice and very useful to be on this gallery in Christmas eve. Some years successively I find here very original and beautiful gifts for my relatives and friends here. By the way, I have best discounts as the constant client. (LOL) it is very reliable site for purchase of authentic art"

Nancy A. M., UK: "I was wondering about these original art works. Really it is a very excellent collection. I absolutely love your gallery and wish there was a way to use it on my e mail for new art novelties"

los angeles: "hello good art, i enjoy very much. all art works are colorful amazing. love u russ art. olson smith"

John Rollins. Canada: "Great looking artists pages. Prompt service. Nice contact. My painting is the best! (LOL) Many thank you!"

Meggy C. NY. USA: "I found your site very interesting. Really well done art gallery. I am pleased with my purchase. I will keep in touch with Gallery-2000. Thanks!"

Jeremy Stones: "My Korobin's works are great. Great site with perfect informations about artists. I have already bookmarked it."

Caroline B. Spencer. Atlanta, USA: "I was looking for artists that express the beauty of unexplored wilderness and came across your website. Russian artists know unexplored wilderness real. Anyway, thanks for being here and showing me new things!"

Janis. South Carolina: "I am thrilled by your art. Keep up the good work for the future. Your art is art of lofty ideals!"

D.Walker, USA: "I've given the magnificent gift to my wife. My wife likes russian art. And I liked the price. Perfectly!"

Li San Cho. Canada: "I am pleased that their payment system was hassle-free & the painting arrived in excellent condition - more beautiful than expected! Now I enjoy my 2 watercolors and the one oil."

Tom Loop, CO, USA: "Quick service, great quality and nice communications. Will buy from again!!"

Mr. D. Acheson, York G.B.: "I never considered, that the contemporary art can be subjects of a collecting... Gallery-2000 has forced to think me in another way. Their collection of paintings is worthy any museum. Now I have got some works. I shall watch their updatings. Yours faithfully, Mr. D. Acheson, York G.B."

Yi Yak-su, Seoul, South Korea: "Thanks for your beautiful fine arts! Russian paintings are not only emotionally strong, but also such sincere! I have the good peice. Thank you!"

Mike Colchester , Colorado: "I love your site. Thanks for all the best art! I spend a lot of time on the web, it's surfing for pleasure and buying I wanted to tell you that I've never been so affected by the sheer beauty of painted landscapes & figurative pictures! Great! Thanks of lot! My heart and purse (LOL) belongs to Gallery-2000!"

Laurie S. USA: "I was impressed when I looked over painting by Chkhaidze Omar in Gallery-2000 and am even more impressed while viewing this piece on the wall of my home now."

David Hays, BC Canada: "I have found your watercolors & oil extremely inspiring and I believe you have indeed a truely talented artists in Gallery-2000 whose works are amazing. I believe it is a great thing that buyers have great choice from your collection of works for buying. I look forward to see more of your new art works in the future. Keep up your talented artists.Regards."

Harold Dorset, England: "This a lovely gallery which is now added to my personal links for regular visits and buying. Thank you."

Vong Lee. CA. USA: "I have found your oil pictures inspiring and i beleive you present indeed a truely talented artists, your work is amazing and i believe it is a great thing that buyers are able to buy your works. I hope to see more of your pictures in the future."

Mrs. Keller Mon, United States: "just wanted to say I cannot believe how many perfect, delightful & professional artworks are in this gallery... but besides that; i know for a fact that there are much more interesting artists and artworks in Gallery-2000 than exhibited in any national art gallery."

Ingrid P., Miami, USA: "I would like to express my gratitude to the staff of gallery 2000 for their excellent service. Kira Medvedeva promptly responded to all my inquiries concerning the two paintings I eventually ordered. The paintings arrived about three weeks after the purchase, and they are simply magnificent. Once again, thank you very much, and I'm looking forward to my next visit in your gallery."

Craig Freed, USA: "I have bought a number of paintings from Gallery-2000 and have been satisfied each and every time with the service and quality of the work. The care that is taken in packing the paintings is excellent. All paintings have arrived on time and undamaged. The artists represented by Gallery-2000 are some of the most exciting emerging talents I have encountered and I look forward to doing more business with Gallery-2000 in the near future."

Cindy Huang, USA: "I am most pleased with the paintings I bought from your gallery. I bought quite a few paintings from other on-line dealers before, but paintings from gallery 2000 are so much better that I am convinced gallery 2000 is the place to shop for all my future paintings. Very satisfied!"

Joe D., New York, USA: "What a great site, and a great place to find some really beautiful artwork. I have purchased from Gallery-2000 and the people at the gallery have always given me the best, most courteous service. Any questions I had were answered, any information I requested was sent to me. The entire purchase process was nice and easy. Actually, the process was so smooth I became a repeat customer. I cherish the two paintings that I have purchased from the Gallery, and continue to check back every once in a while to look at the newest editions."

Slavenka K., USA: "I've came across Gallery-2000 web-site during the holiday season 2000. I was shopping for art. After I browsed through this gallery once, I wanted to come back. The site was full of beautiful paintings by numerous very talented, Russian artists. I spent hours looking at the paintings, trying to decide which one to buy. The decision was difficult because I liked them all, and I wanted to buy them all. So when the Gallery offered a discount for the holidays,I bought not one, but several paintings at a very reasonable price. I bought some more paintings for the Valentine's Day, for St. Patrick's Day, and later placed an order for two custom made paintings. Some of the paintings were for me, some for my friends in California, and some were my surprise-presents for people who were dear to me. All the paintings which I received were excellent or superb, and they exceeded my expectations. (They were better than their images on my computer screen). Gallery representative Kirill is a fine man. I've kept in touch with him via e-mail, and we discussed art, painters, framing, ordering paintings that were still displayed on exhibitions and so on. He answered my questions, made suggestions, offered help and, all in all, was a real pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend Gallery-2000. Paintings on sale are of excellent quality, the prices are reasonable, and the service (ordering, paying for, and shipping of items) is quick, efficient and reliable. Gallery-2000 is one GREAT "shop-for-art" site."

SAM, Cleveland, Ohio, USA: "Wonderful taste, great masters, honest business! Thanks a lot! With best regards."

Sonia Kern, Ontario, Canada: "I have made the order of portraits of my three daughters by photo. Paintings are executed superb! When girls will grow up I will order her portraits again in Gallery-2000. Thanks."

Akinobu Hiro, Tokyo, Japan: "I have purchased Levin's landscape to birthday for my friend. He studies and likes Russian. When I opened the painting my friend was touched up to tears. Next time I shall order something to myself."

Julia Imas, USA: "I would like to thank you for the wonderful cooperation. It was delightful to communicate with you. Every little thing your staff promised was carried out exactly and on time. I was provided with very accurate information on the status and details of the order. And when the painting finally arrived all our family experienced such a great joy! I wish you and your staff all the best and hope your gallery will grow and prosper."

Sussana Mayer, Munich, Germany: "Russian paintings are filled with light, I felt it when have purchased some colourful acryl paintings and pastel. There was a honestly bargain though I in the beginning worried, good packing, my paintings have reached in safety. We have remained friends."

Dick S., Colorado, USA: "I have fine horses. And now I have the perfect image of my loved horse. I pity there are no paintings of dogs in Gallery-2000. I would order it with pleasure."

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