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#400229   Sachs Arthur (1953 - 2007)   "The Happy"
Canvas, oil    Size 28x40in (71x102cm)

Price - $62000

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About artist: Sachs Arthur (1953 - 2007)
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Arthur Sachs is a Swedish artist who lived half his live in his own country and the other half in Spain.

As a result you can see both passionate Flamenco dancers and fiery Spanish gypsies as well as Scandinavian divas with pale faces as if made from ice. His female images are sensuous, erotic, but do not cross the boundary into vulgarity and crudeness. They are gentle, feminine and even playful.

The artist captures exactly the body positions of the models as well as complex dance movements. In his painting “Flamenco Dancer” you can see how the artist accurately portrays the arm position, the arc of the back and head turns. His dancers are passionate, virtuosic, academic and musical.

Sun and sea, flowers and beautiful southern landscapes saturate the Spanish theme on the master’s canvases.

The Scandinavian theme of the artist is seen as a reflection of the northern lights, which Arthur Sachs uses as a backdrop to draw his beautiful models.

All his life two concepts have struggled within the artist: ice and fire, Scandinavian tranquility and Spanish passions. In the artist’s early work you see extremes, first in one direction and then in the other, but Arthur Sachs acquired the balancewith the years, the harmony of style that fortunattely we see today on his canvases.
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