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#400089   Asher Margaret (1920 1997)   "The cheerful farmer"
Whatman paper, watercolor    Size 16x22in (40x56cm)

Price - $23000

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About artist: Asher Margaret (1920 1997)
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Watercolors of Margaret Asher are the marvelous sample of English humor of life of old England at the beginning of the 20th century. The fashionable aristocratic resort where sisters Asher spent the most part of the life gave her a lot of such possibilities.

The Asher sisters, Margaret and Elizabeth, were born at the beginning of the 20th century in England in the resort town of Bath. The sisters themselves were from a well-to-do family and have been well educated, including the art education.

Each watercolor of Margaret Asher is as a small sketch of life of typical small English town and its suburbs. You can see here both the postman, and the policeman, and respectable inhabitants... But all of them are fishes... Yes, yes, they are fishes!

Margaret Asher drew the heroes as fishes. Very respectable fishes it is necessary to tell. Each of them has the character and often they are adressed in the latest fashion of that time, goes on a tail.

And we see the whole scale of the human feelings inherent in the person on it muzzle, more precisely on the face. Probably it was easier to her to draw the neighbors and acquaintances in such kind. Today it seems that Margaret has lived all her life among these respectable fishes instead of respectable Englishmen...

Artists Margaret and Elizabeth Asher have lived the long life, they have stopped drawing at the turn of the ninetieth years of the last century.
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