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#400056   Smirnoff Boris (1903 - 2007)   "Musical ecstasy"
Whatman paper, watercolor    Size 16x24in (41x61cm)

Price - $29000

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About artist: Smirnoff Boris (1903 - 2007)
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Boris Smirnoff is the oldest of artists of avant-gardism nowadays. He drew in style of the cubism and analytical art.

Boris Smirnoff was born in Russia in 1903. He was the younger son in the family of the successful businessman. His two elder brothers - Alexander and Vladimir - also have devoted themselves to commercial activity. Though Vladimir was known as the artist-amateur and the futurist, big admirer of David Burljuk and Vasily Kamenskij.

The history of the life of Boris coincides with history of the Soviet Union. His family escaped to France. Boris has intentionally lagged behind them on a railway station and stayed in Petrograd. He should become the great artist in new country! He is learning as artist, he likes a theatre. Boris works in Mejerhold's Theatre.

In 1926 Boris has found the new idol for himself - Pavel Filonov! And Filonov's new "Analytical Art".

In 1927 Boris has appeared in France. He developed like artist there.

In the time of World War II German’s enemies have burned all his oils and pastel paintings and all his canvases as "degenerate art".

Therefore after the war the artist began to draw only watercolors on paper. He said: "I always can put these papers into a suitcase and carry away with me" The whole life of Boris - his crosses and victories, his love to music, theatre, cubism, analytical art, realism, - everythingwas placed in watercolor's sheets. They were masterpieces!

Boris always refused to sell his art works like his teacher Pavel Filonov. "They are all my life, - he answered. - And it is absolutely easy for me to take them away with me... - I want that watercolors were with me always… They will never have been destroyed… Unless together with me..."

Since then people saw Boris in Great Britain and Lisbon, in Malaysia and Singapore, in Switzerland and Holland. His paintings became well-known art but he didn't wish to sell them...

Years went and Boris has wanted to retire. He has returned tohis native land in Russia, and he was surprised that it was absolutely another country... It was not a place of his dream. However he remained there. He has found a small city that did not irritate him. He has bought a house. And again Boris draws paintings - as well as last 92 years.

Different people periodically came to him, collectors and fans of art, and again asked to sell his watercolors. His watercolors are well known, you know. But the artist did not wish to sell them. He spoke that 104 years was not the right age to change his habits...

We wished to have an opportunity to show his watercolors to all people very much too. After death of the great artist in 2007 we have got the most part of his watercolors. And today with grate pleasure we can offer you the best of his masterpieces.
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