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#400022   Tager Jan (1954 - 2005)   "City wall"
Whatman paper, watercolor    Size 12x16in (30x41cm)

Price - $9950

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About artist: Tager Jan (1954 - 2005)
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The Dutch aquarellist Jan Tager has travelled all over the world in search of a perfect landscape. We had a possibility to redeem and present to your attention his picturesque series «Greek voyage». Colourful watercolors by Jan Tager bewitch us by the reliability and figurativeness. «That's... I was on this small street also... » - it would be desirable to tell, looking at his landscapes of the Greek cities and villages.

Watercolor is a very whimsical technics. Especially in that case when the artist tries to achieve not only the real impression of appearance, but also impression of mood of the seen. It is the most difficult kind of painting and Jan Tager copes excellent with this problem - we can see it in his watercolors.

The paintings by Jan Tager in the watercolor technic amaze us with a subtlety and lyricism. His paintings differ riches of tone, effect of ease and shrillness.

Jan Tager considered that art in particular painting is an author's vision and reality refraction and if the artist does not add something "his", it is not the art but masterful copying of the seen only. On the other hand if the artist can't transfer what he sees on a canvas or a paper, he isn't an artist... But the real skill reached by the artist consists ofthe alloy of the reality and absoluteness.

So the painting of Jan Tager is the masterly balancing on the thinnest side separating the reality and illusion, the ordinary and a fairy tale, the validity and magic. As a result the artist creates a real-illusory world, the absolutely tremendous image, the absolutely recognised by the spectator.

His painting in the watercolor technic is the real painting, instead of drawing. It is the thinnest art of perfection...
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