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#103807   Auren Greta (1973 – 2014)   "She waits…"
Canvas, oil    Size 20x40in (50x100cm)

Price - $44000

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About artist: Auren Greta (1973 – 2014)
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Greta Auren, the Dutch artist, was born in the Hague in 1973. She was the admirer of the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt and the ancient Greek poetess Sappho.

These two lines are tightly bound in her creativity. That's why there are so many female pair images against the background of the fanciful golden patterns.

These patterns are like the Oriental carpets and clothes among which female figures outline. We never see the entire figure on the picture. As if figures are wrapped up in the variegated clothes.

Though Greta admits her love to Klimt her creativity is still completely independent. Modern artist doesn't try to make her paintings philosophic, as the Klimt did - there are no images of fear, malady, and death. The shapes on Greta's paintings are pacified, tender and feminine. Women's faces are modern: they can't be compared to the faces on the Klimt's paintings.

Though there are men's images on the painter's masterpieces, but there are few of them. The artist doesn't hide her love to the woman body and she glorifies this beauty in bright colours as her favorite poetess Sappho did in her poems.

Greta has got a good art education and moreover she learnt form the paintings of old masters.

We admire the tone of the skin's colour found by her. And we should say that it is the most difficultly gained skill in the painter's craft. The skin of women looks so naturally that every person who sees the pictures would like to touch the skin. The artist said that she had learnt this method from the Russian artist Serov. Once she had seen his masterpiece "Girl with a peach" and she had been amazed how the master had transferred sunlight's play on the girl's skin.

To create the background on her paintings the artist uses golden, silver and bronze colours. Precious colours create splendid colouring. The paintings look very luxurious. That is why decorators prefer her paintings for luxury apartments' and houses' adorning.

Not long time ago the painter had a lot of exhibitions. But unfortunately Greta is not longer with us. She died in 2014. That's why we are happy to bring forward to you her collection of the paintings created specially for our gallery.
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