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#103781   OninO (1973 2013)   "Cleave Heart "
Canvas, oil    Size 24x36in (60x90cm)

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About artist: OninO (1973 2013)
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OninO - Nino Oganizyan was born in 1978 in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia (a former republic of the USSR). Her parents sent the young girl to a specialized art school since she was good at drawing, but Nino herself did not show any great interest in drawing until she saw some of Toros' paintings at one of the stands at school. Toros, once a pupil at the same school, is today the well-known artist. The odd faces in his paintings so enchanted the young girl that she finally decided she wanted to be an artist!

Having graduated from the specialized art school and subsequently the art institute, Nino cherished the dream of meeting Toros, and fate bestowed that giftupon her. This occurred sometime later and in a different country since Toros now lives and works in the U.S.A. Nino visited that country, met the artist and spent two years studying with him!

Toros' influence is very noticeable in the artist's early work - the same narrow faces, curious hats, and cubist background. However in paintings like this Nino was not imitating, but trying to express her admiration to the artist - her idol.

Toros painstakingly directed her in search of her own style. And then the moment arrived when a new artist, OninO, was born with her own characteristic, inimitable style. Moreover she created a completely unique style of composition. The catalyst for that was the anagram of her name, Nino Oganizyan - Oganizyan Nino. O. Nino began signing her paintings, "ONINO", which can be read backwards or forwards both in Russian and English. Once she happened to place her signature in the center of a painting. Her imagination then came up with the idea to create the subject of the painting so it can be viewed right side up or upside down. This is how her first painting "The Prince and Princess in Love" was born. In this painting a flower which the young man presents to the girl joins the lovers. We see a beautiful princess who is holding a flower in her hand but we only see the Prince when we turn the painting upside down, the Prince presents the flower to his Princess.

Here one can draw a small analogy with a certain painting by Kustodiyev, a well-known Russian artist, he created two paintings on opposite sides of one canvas. But that was caused by the difficult times at the beginning of the 20th century when it was a problem even to find a canvas to buy. On OninO's "upside-down paintings," the name was given by one critic, it is possible to look at the images from the bottom to the top and from the top to the bottom. The artist created a unique compositional technique. But she did not stop at that point, she began to search further. Being an admirer of gothic styles from the Middle Ages she began to work in that direction. The gothic images in her new paintings cast a spell and one would like to reveal their mystery, a revelation that would bring joy.

Images from the beginning of the 20th century can be attributed to the influence of avant-garde style of Toros, her favorite teacher. The painting "The First Pilot and Driver," shows the images of two young men from the beginning of the 20th century. One of them is a pilot, we see his airplane in the background, the other youth is a driver and his new (at that time) car is waiting behind him. OninO searched for interesting subject matter to use it in a single dimension. You don't have to turn paintings like "Columbus" upside down. But the image is no less complex or interesting than those in the upside-down paintings. A pensive traveler is examining a globe and in the background we can see lands that he has to discover.

And so with joy we present the collection of OninO's unique paintings. Anfortunately she is not longer with us. She died in 2013.
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