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Artist: Chkhaidze Omar (1944 – ...)

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About artist: Chkhaidze Omar (1944 – ...)

Oil paintings by Omar Chkhaidze will be in perfect preservation 500 years from now!

Why? Because the paintings by Omar Chkhaidze are not affected by time, they exist irrespective of date. And in hundred years his paintings will look as they are today - perfect and intact. The pride and the secret of the artist lie in his art technique. Each painting has some hundreds of layers of a transparent paint material and varnish of a special structure. Therefore in five hundred years, the master's canvases will be as bright as now. Sometimes it takes the artist up to some years to create a masterpiece.

Some art critics classify Omar Chkhaidze's creative manner as symbolism or associative-metaphorical style, others specify his style as classical avant-gardism. But all agree that the master has created the individual unique style and the unique painting technique.
The artist's works represent the new word in painting, the art of the new era, the art of the Future. Omar Chkhaidze is a master whose outlook has absorbed the wisdom of the East and the West. His works do not confine themselves to time and space frameworks - they have a really cosmic scale. The artist is positive that it is Love that lies in the foundation of the Universe. Only Love can create things, only by means of Love and in the name of Love one can do wonders. This idea goes through all the works of the maestro. The refined feel of the line and spatial depth, together with absolute pictorial freedom, helps to reflect both the inner and external beauty of the world.
Harmonic combination of intellectual potential and high spirituality level offers Omar Chkhaidze a unique opportunity to pass everything initiated from abovethrough himself and express this in his paintings. His every work like a drop of water reflects the Universe.
Omar Chkhaidze is a mouthpiece of the new spiritual paradigm of the third millennium. Having discovered for yourself the world of this amazing artist you will be able to sense the joy of life filled with Love and Harmony, to touch the Eternity.

Omar Chkhaidze's creative material is well known all over the world. The artist's paintings have been purchased by the galleries and private collections in Russia, the USA, England, the Netherlands, Japan, France, Germany, Italy and other countries. A number of works by the author are exhibited in the Gallery of Vatican.

Omar Chkhaidze was born on Aprel 16st, 1944 in Georgia.
He graduated from the Arts School in 1966, then from the Academy of Arts in Tbilisi in 1973.

As a student Omar participated in numerous art exhibitions held in Georgia and Russia. Later he participated in international shows. The most significant are:

1964 - Tbilisi, Georgia
1966 - Tbilisi, Moscow
1968 - Tbilisi,
1969 - Tbilisi, Leningrad
1970 - Paris, France
1977 - Tbilisi
1982 - Tbilisi
1988 - Tbilisi
1992 - Austria
1993 - Germany
1994 - Tbilisi
1996 - Moscow
1997 - Moscow
1999 - Moscow, the Netherlands
2000 - Moscow
2001 - Moscow, Italy
2002 - Moscow, New York, Germany
2003 - Moscow, the Netherlands
2004 - London, Tbilisi, Moscow, Australia
2005 - London, the Netherlands, Tbilisi, Moscow
2006 - Tbilisi, Moscow
2007 - Tbilisi, Moscow, Vienna, USA
2008 - Tbilisi, Moscow
2009 - Moscow
2010 - USA
2010 - Moscow
2011 - Tbilisi, Moscow
2010 - Moscow
2012 - Tbilisi, Moscow
2013 - Moscow
2014 - Tbilisi, Moscow
2015 - Moscow

The artist runs his own picture gallery in Moscow, Russia, located in the Central Artists House.

The artist has his personal catalogue "100 Paintings by Omar Chkhaidze". His paintings are also in the catalogue "The Best Artists of Russia of the Millennium's Boundary".

In Russia his creative activity is marked as the Distinguished Artist. Omar Chkhaidze is a member of the Union of Artists of the USSR, the Union of Artists of Georgia, the International Federation of Artists UNESCO, the National Artists' Union of Russia. He is the winner of several international shows held in 1999-2007.

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