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Many interior designers work with us because we have a unique collection of paintings. Working with us, the designers can truly delight their clients by creating an inimitable interior. Moreover, this trend in the fine arts is currently in fashion.

Designers are interested in acquiring unusually high-quality paintings which, in addition to everything else, are attractive from an investment point of view. Designers are interested in introducing their clients to artists they themselves have “discovered”. And we give them that opportunity. They work directly with us, avoiding exhibitions, public showings of paintings in galleries, speculative reselling and auctions, all of which gives them a significant advantage considering the high cost of our paintings.

We do not hide our attraction to the older schools of art. We like well-drawn paintings showing painstaking detail, where you can see not only the exceptional ideas of the artist but also his artistic technique. Although you also can find in our collections very recent works with bold, open colors and temperamental, energetic and very strong technique. We can offer you both general catalogs of our paintings as well as detailed catalogs of individual artists where their paintings are displayed in all of their rich color. The catalogs of some artists, whose collections we only recently acquired, are still being prepared. With the catalogs of our paintings in their possession, and some of them have more than 100 paintings by a single artist; the interior designers can always decorate even a large area in a single style. An enormous variety of paintings of different sizes, different techniques and every imaginable style and movement make that an easy task. Original paintings of recently deceased artists are highly valued the world over, since the prices for these paintings begin to increase after the artist departs this life. This tendency will remain in effect for 10-15 years after the death of the artist. You can select the works of Cleo and Francois Mathieu from the French school of art. The Dutch school of modern art is represented by Greta Auren and Jan Tager. The English School of Watercolors is represented by the Asher sisters, Margaret and Elizabeth. We offer the music of the Dutch master, Ouzbek, frozen on canvas. The avant-garde works of Smirnov and Toros, the symbolism of Omar Chkhaidze. The unique upside-down paintings of the American artist, Onino, which can be hung from two different sides. All artists in the gallery are represented on an exclusive basis. An exception are the paintings of Omar Chkhaidze who can also sell the paintings in his own gallery.

We would like to decorate your life and your home with our beautiful and unique Fine Art. We guarantee 100% of pleasure from original art! We will always go out of the way to make our buyers very happy! We work with the best architects & designers of private interiors on either side of ocean.

And we have very interesting offers for architects & designers all over the world.

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